The 2015 Glen Waverley Primary School Concert was an overwhelming success. The students were amazing in both their preparation and performance of our school concert ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ The concert was a fantastic learning opportunity for students in team work and performance. The support from staff and our amazing parent community throughout the weeks leading up to the concert was phenomenal and it culminated in a show to be remembered. The students demonstrated persistence by taking risks and believing in themselves. They should all be very proud of their magnificent achievement. The concert was an excellent celebration of our CIS school.


The Senior Concert was an event to be remembered. As the concert is a biennial event, this was the last time the Year 5 and Year 6 students would grace the Glen Waverley Primary School Concert stage. And what a show they put on. The students performed elaborately choreographed pieces with exceptional precision and organisation. Their awareness and ability to help each other highlighted the students’ ability to get along to achieve a common goal.



The Junior Concert was a fantastic example of the development of the students in years Prep to Three. Students showed outstanding organisation when rehearsing their performances at school, and this was clear in the delivery of each performance. The confidence displayed by students in the younger years was incredible. Walking onto the stage of the Robert Blackwood Hall in front of over 1000 people is exceptionally daunting and our students made it look easy!




Concert Reflections – Prep Children


On stage we had to sing. We went on a bus. We went to Monash University because we had to perform our song. The audience was watching us and my favourite part was singing our song. My mum and dad were so happy.


We went on a bus. We had to walk to the bus. We waited before going on stage. I was a bird. Our song was “Somewhere beyond the sea” the stage was very big. It was at Monash and I had fun. Maybe there were six hundred people and I was not nervous. My favourite part of the song was when we said, “If I could fly like birds so high”.

I loved the concert. When we went on the bus it was as fun as the concert.


I enjoyed the concert because it was fun. I liked the concert song, I liked the middle of the song because it was fun. I was confident and I saw my mum. There were people watching us. I was going around the audience. I was a bird. I had lots of fun at the concert. When the concert finished my mum said good job.


I saw a stage and it was very big. I smiled at my mum and dad. This was great and I liked the teachers dancing and all of the songs too. My mum and dad said it was fun. I liked my mum and dad watching me dance. They said, wahooooo and good job.




Concert Reflections – Year Two Children


I was nervous when I was in the front of the stage. My favourite part was when we said, “Yaaaa!!”

I enjoyed every bit of the song. I had a great time, there were so many lights.


“Oh great, I’m so scared”, I said with fear. I was trembling with fear when I entered the stage. Suddenly all of the lights went back on. I was still trembling until the music played and it cheered me up. Suddenly I forgot about being nervous and I danced to the music while singing at the same time.

After that we bowed. The crowd went crazy for us and they also loved our performance.

I was so proud of myself. I felt like doing it again. When we watched the senior concert I saw my brother and I loved his show. I wish I could watch it again.

It was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE, I shouted when we arrived home!


“Cool man” I exclaimed as I observed the lights turn to blue, my belt to yellow and hat to aqua. It was really fascinating. I tried to ignore the cheer of the crowd, it was very hard but I finally managed it.

The clapping was so loud, I could barely hear myself think. You may think I liked it, well you are wrong. Liked it….. I loved it! It was awesome and really fascinating!


“Awesome” I had lots of energy while I was dancing! It kept me grooving and moving the whole night. I was so nervous and happy at the same time. “Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me” started playing so we rocked the Year 2’s. The concert went from 6:00 to 7:30 pm and I HAD LOTS OF FUN!


While I was jumping up and down I felt groovy. When the song played, “Keep me grooving with some energy”, I was filled with lots of energy and then everyone clapped and clapped.

I felt very happy and nervous at the same time. Everyone kept in time while dancing and we all went in the right direction. Our teachers and parents loved it.