Student report cards provide parents with clear, comprehensive and consistent information about their child‘s progress in Years F (Foundation/Prep) -10, as well as suggestions on how they can best support their child with their learning.


What is AusVELS?

AusVELS is the Australian Curriculum in Victoria. This curriculum and assessment framework was implemented in 2013 in Victorian government schools from Prep to Year 10. AusVELS uses a new eleven level structure which reflects the design of the Australian Curriculum whilst retaining the Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning.


This new structure assists schools to make judgements on student learning and report student’s progress against the eleven level scale.


Why has the curriculum changed?

AusVELS replaces the VELS – Victorian Essential Learning Standards that have been used in schools since 2006. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) outlined what was essential for all Victorian students to learn during their time at school from Prep to year 10. This set of common state-wide standards was used to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.


English, Mathematics, Science and History are the first four Australian Curriculum subjects that have been implemented in 2013.


A translation table of VELS to AusVELS can be found below:



Where can I find out more information about AusVELS?

The AusVELS Curriculum can be found online at:  or contact your school for further details.


What will my child’s report card look like?

Student report cards will look very similar to reports in the past, including the use of the A to E scale.   However, the Australian curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and History contain new content and therefore June reports will show a single dot only to indicate achievement for the semester.   Six months progress in these subjects will be shown in December 2013.