Radio Program

GWPS – Extra Curriculum Program Guidelines

Radio Program


Educational Intent:

The radio program is designed to support and extend student learning by developing skills in radio production and using them to engage with other curriculum areas as they prepare a presentation.  There is a specific focus on;

  • Speaking and Listening as outlined in AusVELS,
  • Presentation Skills
  • The development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills
  • Writing and Communication skills as outlined in AusVELS, through the development of podcasts and live broadcasts.


Age Group:

Semester 1:  Years 5 & 6

Semester 2:  Years 4 & 5



There is no cost to the students for this program, unless there is an incursion or excursion as part of the program.


Selection Criteria:

In the event that application numbers meet but do not exceed the maximum class size of 15, all applications will be accepted. If there is a greater number of students interested in the program then a fair and equitable selection process will be followed. In this case, students will be invited to prepare an application that indicates their interest in the program.

  • Student selection is based on the strength of their application
  • Student capacity will be confirmed with their classroom teacher to ensure that they will not be disadvantaged by being removed from their regular classroom program when participating in Multimedia Sessions.
  • Focus will be given to offering a range of students an opportunity to participate, so students who were part of the program in the previous year may not be offered a place in a subsequent (second) year.


Contact Person:

Roland Lewis is responsible for the Multimedia Program and can be contacted at the school.